about dedie marie


Welcome to Dedie Marie Photography!

I am a 27 year old teacher, coach, photographer, and wife. I teach Art and Photography, along with coaching Girl’s Soccer, at Sulphur High School. I still maintain my photo business on the side because it brings me that much joy! I absolutely love capturing images for others, along with pursuing my own personal projects (like my storybook project).

I was lucky enough to attend a high school that offered photography classes; so I guess you could say my photography career began back in 2004… woah! From high school, I continued on to college where I majored in art education with my concentration being in photography, specifically working with film and the darkroom. I think what I love most about photography is that it is always evolving, which means I will always have more to learn and explore!

I began my business shortly after graduating high school in 2008. I have many years of  experience in seniors, engagements, bridals, and weddings… However, I am always up for new adventures 🙂

Thank you for stopping by my page – stay a while, browse. If you are interested in booking or just have any photo questions, feel free to contact me!


-Dedie Marie


                                 Image by Emily & Daniel Cutrer